Sarcomas are rare benign tumours.  About half of bone sarcomas and 1/5 of soft tissue sarcomas are diagnosed in patients below 35 years of age.  The most common sarcomas are stomach stromal tumours (GIST – gastrointestinal stromal tumours). Their surgical treatment is of great importance.

Complementary treatments involve systemic chemotherapy and transarterial chemoembolisation/embolisation. Chemotherapy improves patients’ life expectancy. Thransarterial chemoembolisation/embolisation uses minimally invasive methods as an alternative way of shrinking the tumour and reducing symptom severity (pain, sense of heaviness), while allowing patients to undergo surgical treatment, thus achieving longer life expectancy and avoiding amputation.

Dr Ioannis Dedes has been performing transarterial chemoembolisations/embolisations for sarcoma cases, always in cooperation with attending oncologists or surgeons, with particularly high tumour shrinking rates.

Patients are then operated or/and follow new chemotherapy cycles. Final outcomes are extremely encouraging.