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Doctor's CV

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Interventional Radiologist - Interventional Oncologist

Ioannis Dedes

+ One of the most experienced in Greece. With more than 20 years of application of the most specialized and modern treatments, with more than 2,000 chemoembolizations.

+ With success rates without complications, above international standards and in some areas, higher

Invasive Oncology - The Modern Treatment of Cancer

ενδαρτηριακοί χημειοεμβολισμοί

Endarterial Chemoembolizations

Precision topical oncology treatment with impressive results

Transdermal Surgeries

Precision CT scan for liver, lung, kidney tumors


Non-surgical treatments of high therapeutic value!

Invasive Oncology is internationally, in the fourth pillar of treatment for oncology patients by specialized and experienced Invasive Oncologists. Its therapeutic applications offer a significant improvement in quality of life, increase life expectancy, become a “bridge” for more effective application of other therapies, and in some cases, offer a cure.

The treatments are performed intrathecally or transdermally, without surgery, with immediate departure of the patient.With my experience from dealing with thousands of cases during the last 20 years but also from my participation as a speaker in the largest international conferences, I can assure you that the success rates of the surgeries I perform in Medical Inter-Balkan, are comparable to those of the largest centers abroad.

I specialize in chemoembolization, embolization, cauterization in patients with primary and metastatic tumors of the liver, kidneys and lungs. My greatest satisfaction is that I have patients that I treat after 10-15 years, while initially they came as unoperated.

Because often, the treatments of Invasive Radiology – Invasive Oncology, are not included in the suggested treatment protocols that recommend you, get informed & see results of my treatments.

Ioannis Dedes


Andreas Tzakis

MD General Surgery,
Florida Cleveland Clinic Boulevard

Mr. Dede, “We did not see the tumor during the operation, but I was impressed by the results of the chemoembolization with the examinations …

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C.T Sofocleous

MD, PhD, FSIR, Associate Professor, Interventional Radiology Memorial Sloan-Ketterring Cancer Center

«… Dedes actively participated in the sessions of the sessions for the management of oncology patients with clinical methods …

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