A state-of-the-art application of interventional radiology with impressive results; it entails the mechanical distension of a vessel stricture or obstruction, usually caused by arteriosclerotic or malignant lesions.

Angioplasty is performed without surgery and usually entails a one-day hospitalization; its outcome is permanent for life. The method is applied at points that are inaccessible for other techniques. It requires great expertise and experience.

Angioplasty is performed under the guidance of digital angiography at Medical Centres which, like the Interbalkan Medical Centre, have the necessary equipment. I treat numerous patients with particularly high success rates.

The interventional radiology expert inserts transarterial catheters and microcatheters and finds the arterial obstruction or stricture, the vessel or, even, the biliary duct. Depending on the case, the interventionist places the stent (endoprosthesis) or balloon, which is then expanded to maintain patency. Blood flow is restored immediately.

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