Artery angioplasty with placement of endoprosthesis (stent)

Angioplasty is a technique of mechanically distending a vessel stricture or obstruction, which has usually been caused by arteriosclerosis or malignancy.

The stent (endoprosthesis) is a tube constructed of noble metals, which is placed in the lumen of a vessel so as to maintain its patency and prevent its obstruction.

The placement of endoprostheses in arteries (renal, iliac, femoral, mesenteric arteries, abdominal artery, etc) is very successful.Placement is performed with particularly high success rates, using ultra-selective catheterisation and at points where access would have been very difficult if using other techniques. Patients usually stay in hospital for one day and go home on the next.

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Artery angioplasty and Stent placement